Boss Level by Fiit

The context
Fiit were building their brand for two very different customers, which was diluting the experience as they tried to accomodate both of their wants and needs. So I worked with them to focus on one customer, delivering a distinct experience designed especially for them. We call that customer Ali. They're fitness-obsessed, tech-savvy and looking to push themselves further.

With a small budget — we needed to get more Ali's into the app and grow brand awareness.

What we did
We wanted to give Ali the ultimate challenge so we created what was Almost Certainly The World's Toughest Home Workout. To house this 90-minute behemoth, we built a new level in the app; Boss Level. And, to emphasise the difficulty, we warned people against doing it.

The identity was inspired by warning statements but with a tongue-in-cheek tone that didn't feel too clichéd or aggressive.

  • +30% increase in total traffic (app/web) across launch
  • +100% free trials vs pre campaign run rate
  • Social engagement rate reach 2% vs industry benchmark 1.5% 

My Role
Brand Director, Fiit

10 Days