Some significant traits

Scrappy operator πŸ–‡
I know the deal. You're bootstrapping it whether you're three weeks old or three years old. And I'm totally up for that. Having worked, in various roles, inside and outside of startups, I understand what’s important and all the utterly pointless fluff that isn’t.

I come pre-loaded with a broad skill set; like a tiny agency, I'm a one-man brand without all the costs. And if I can't do something, I know many heavyweight writers, illustrators, animators, photographers, developers and producers that can.

Expectation violater πŸ”±
Getting lost in the cacophony of generic brands isn't difficult. Play it safe, follow best practices, spend too long staring at your competitors, and you can fall into the trap. Unfortunately, this is the easy route. Being distinct and memorable (without irritating) takes a lot of hard work and guts, but it’s critical to brand growth, especially in competitive markets.

To ensure people stop β†’ notice β†’ enjoy β†’ share the brands I make, I live governed by a very strict β€˜does it violate expectation' principle. It helps keep us on track to building something that makes an impact and leaves a legacy.

De-mystificator πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ†˜
The branding industry is a potent mix of subjectivity and behavioural science, operated by enigmatic creatives who expect everyone to be wise to their weird and wonderful ways.

Well, I'm here to reduce the bamboozlement and leave you with a clear understanding of the value and purpose building a great brand. Because you're the one on the frontline, growing your brand on a daily basis, not me.

Ways to chat
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